February has always been my favourite month, not only because it is my birthday month but also because it is full of celebrations. I do celebrate Chinese New Year and although I am older now and the excitement of the dancing dragon has worn off, I am always happy to see my family and get a full does of Phan Phamily Phun;)
My favourite day in the month is my birthday. I remember as a kid I was SO excited to rent out the Burger King fun room and invite my best friends to run around and mix Mountain Dew with C-Plus because it tasted better.... Since living on my own, every year I look forward to having dinner with friends/ family, but this year was different. I didn't care to call anyone or make plans, I'm at the end of my 20's and I felt like the fun is all over... time to grow up and be mature, analyze my next 5 year plan, and no more careless mistakes. 
Last week I was chatting with one of my good friends and fellow small biz. buddy. We were catching up and sharing our small biz. woes, when she hands me a small gift. (In Asian culture it is actually not polite to open your gift in-front of the gifter) So I opened it the next day only to find a lovely note and some goodies including a small bubble blower. Seeing this small tube made me feel just as excited as I did jumping into that Burger King ball pit.
Silly as it may seem; yes it was just a bubble blower, I realized I was letting my thoughts of growing up take over and that maybe a few less mistakes and a little more grace in the next 5 years wouldn't be so bad:)


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