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    I always feel the most recharged on Monday's so this year I want to try something new. Each Monday I want to share one positive/motivational/inspirational message that hopefully will help you through the week. Let's kick the week off with "Mistakes". We all makes mistakes, so why be afraid of them?  I grew up in one of those families where mistakes were a four letter word. Anything less than perfection was not okay and as the mistakes prone daughter I often questioned weather or not I was normal.... Today, I am a die hard supporter of mistakes, it's where I learn and has become a tool to find confidence in my next steps. If I ever feel the negativity that comes with a mistake, I always...

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    It's that time of year once again to say THANK YOU! As I wrap up the holiday season I can definitely say that this was the BEST season yet! Evergreen is my third full collection and I was so happy that you gave it a chance! I know that many of you have your favourites from True North and Traveller's Series but I am always happy to see people try my new designs.  This year I had countless visitors at my One of a Kind booth that  have followed along and supported me for many years and I wanted to let you know, I see/ hear you and THANK YOU!! If you were one of the FANTASTIC people that came through my One...

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    For the Un- Inspired

    This week was definitely one of those weeks, and today I am going to make a change.... I will NOT let rejection affect my progress, I will NOT let the opinions of some affect my direction, I will NOT allow negative thoughts take over, I will NOT listen to the noise.    I WILL show up and be present, I WILL surround myself with the like minded, I WILL take the leap, I WILL open my heart... I WILL be BRAVE and CHANGE  

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    #FaceForward , 5 lessons to remind your future self

    We all get that feeling when each day runs into the next and it takes effort even to just get up in the morning. A few years ago without even knowing it I started to make small changes in my life, little attainable goals. I knew I wasn't happy and I new that if I didn't make a change my days would only get worse.  Back then I wish I had someone to tell me that failure is a synonym for a lesson learned and how you bounce back from those failures is a measure of your strength.   Clinique recently launched a global conversation #FaceForward challenging us to encourage our future selves by asking what advice would you give yourself in 3 years? One...

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    A place to call home

    It's been about three weeks since I stepped in to my new space and I have been slowly opening up to the city. While I do like change, I have to embrace it at my own pace and on my own time.  Now before I continue, I normally share my knitting journey and write about different projects that are going on along with some fun creative side projects that I think of, mostly because I think it is important to 'Know Your Maker' and to see the work/ passion that goes into each project. Starting this blog and sharing my knitting journey has been a great release for me in an area that I never felt strong in (writing). I...

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