SS Takes Fashion Week

With out say World Mastercard Fashion Week is the place to be when it comes to Fashion. Who would have thought that ME, a lover of white tee-shirts and jeans would be here celebrating fashion with some of the BEST designers that Toronto has to offer. Last week I was fortunate enough to be accepted to show my FW14 True North collection at the TFI Press and Buyers Brunch. I can't even tell you how excited I was!!!


There was TONS of prep. work to do and I had the greatest team who helped cut, type, read, name, style...etc... and boy did it pay off. (Lauren, Kim and of course Momma Phan THANK YOU!!!)

For two days Kim and I spoke to as many press and retailers as we could, and I must say I learned two very important lessons. 1. People in Fashion LOVE to hug. Weather it's a hello, or OMG good to see you or even nice to meet you, everyone is VERY friendly :) 2. A smile goes a long way. You never know when someone is insta-gramming, street styling or filming from across the room (check out my pearly whites on the 6 o'clock news )

For two days I soaked in as much as I could, I met some amazing designers that I hope to see in the near future and I did a little mental street styling myself to hopefully learn how to wear print on print without making others dizzy when they look at me...

To say that I was excited for this opportunity is an understatement, for those of you who have followed SimpleSmiles from the Guelph Farmers market days until now, will understand that this was a dream come true ;)


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  • Michelle

    Big Congrats! On it all, sounds like a big success. You kicked some fashion butt ;)
    And on a side note, I loved how there was such focus on Made in Canada and how it is valued outside of Canada… hope this can translate over to other industries.

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