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    "The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new" ~SOCRATES   January, a month that for most is used for resolutions and goal setting.  While I don't make resolutions, I do set goals and I also use this month to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. This year I took the time to REALLY soak in the down time because I new I needed to prepare as this year will be full of changes and new adventures. If you follow me on instagram you will know that, yes N+K Adventures is making it official! He asked and I said yes :) While I am totally stoked and excited for...

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    My Simple Smile

    Home Stretch! It's Christmas day and I finally feel like I am on top of all my projects. During the fall winter season, I have very little time to respond to emails and conversations on Etsy but that doesn't mean that I don't read each and every one of them. I often get bogged down with show set up, inventory , deliveries...ect.  that when I see photos of your knits, or when you show me your well loved knits from many years ago, or when I read your little notes and messages, it motivates me to keep creating, keep knitting and keep making. I am reminded this holiday season why I started SimpleSmiles so many years ago. There is so much negative in this world, I...

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    SS Takes Fashion Week

    With out say World Mastercard Fashion Week is the place to be when it comes to Fashion. Who would have thought that ME, a lover of white tee-shirts and jeans would be here celebrating fashion with some of the BEST designers that Toronto has to offer. Last week I was fortunate enough to be accepted to show my FW14 True North collection at the TFI Press and Buyers Brunch. I can't even tell you how excited I was!!!   There was TONS of prep. work to do and I had the greatest team who helped cut, type, read, name, style...etc... and boy did it pay off. (Lauren, Kim and of course Momma Phan THANK YOU!!!) For two days Kim and...

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    Creativity = Bravery

    It has been a busy few weeks preparing the new collection, shooting photos and trying to stay on top of everything; I have had very little time to share the process!! Between being a Photographer, Accountant, Model, Sewer, Knitter, Designer.... my mind is always running and I am constantly questioning weather or not I'm even going in the right direction. The hardest part of my day is trying to find balance between knitting and the small biz stuff. Anyone who has seen me work will often wonder how I get any work done! They're partly right, it's a miracle if I can complete a hand full of tasks in a day!... however I must say: " it's not a burden,...

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