BoHo Braid

TUTORIAL TIME!! I have never written a tutorial so bare with me...

While I was on my latest adventure, I had a 2 hour train ride from Berlin to Prague SO of course I brought along a bit of yarn and a crochet hook. The weather was beginning to get hotter by the second, so I decided to make a thin headband to continue with my "Knit Travels'. It is a simple and quick project so I decided to share it with you! HERE GOES...

 First you need a bit of yarn in two colours, a crochet hook and scissors. (If you don't follow me already I don't generally follow the rules of gauge v.s. needle size, I just pick whatever I have on hand and experiment as I go.) For this particular project I had a bulky weight yarn and I believe a 10mm hook.

I pulled my arms length of yarn and folded it three times so that I had a total of four strands. Leave a fairly long tail and chain a braid long enough to ALMOST wrap around your head when stretched. For me it was 21 chains. Leaving the same length tail as the beginning, trim the excess yarn. Don't make it too lose or it will slip off too easily.


The Knot

 To close the headband I decided to use a pull knot so that it could be adjusted for size. Without twisting the braid, lay the ends on top of each other forming a circle ( Photo 1). Take your second colour of yarn and cut a single strand approx half a meter or 50cm. Place the second colour under the ends of the headband and tie a basic overhand knot near the top.


This is the part the gets a bit tricky but hang in there!!

Take the accent yarn on the right side and lay it over all of the yarn ends from the headband, leaving a loop on the right side (photo 1). Take the left piece of accent yarn and lay it straight down over the left accent yarn ( photo 2). The two pieces of accent yarn should form a 'P' shape. Lastly put your hand through the loop formed in the first step and grab the left piece of accent yarn pulling through the loop ( Photo 3). Before you pull tight it should look like a pretzel. Now take the two ends of the accent yarn and pull tight but still allowing the head band to be adjusted.


Now reverse the knot!

 Take the LEFT yarn and make the loop (photo 1). Take the RIGHT yarn and lay straight down over the left yarn ( photo 2). Grab the RIGHT yarn through the LEFT loop to make the pretzel and pull tight ( photo 3).

Continue alternating the knots until you get your desired length. ( I made 6 knots)

Once you are finished, tie a basic overhand knot to secure. Tuck in the ends or leave them as part of the tassels and your DONE!! You can add feathers, beads, or any other special items that you may find along your travels and tie them to the ends of the tassels for a more BoHo look or leave them as is.

I LOVED my new headband in the humid weather, it was simple to make and it kept my frizzy hair under control!! Next stop Coachella!

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