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    Happy Halloween

    Halloween, a definite love/ hate relationship I have with this holiday. I LOVE seeing all the new costumes that kids have now and how creative things have gotten. I always wonder if I will ever see 'Classic Ghost" make a come back... I HATE being scared. When people tell me that "there is nothing like a good scare!" I can't relate. I will say, living in Canada does limit you to the types of costumes that you can wear. Unless you are willing to freeze, you need to take into account that Princess Jasmine MIGHT not be the best idea. This year surprisingly, I have been WAITING to write this post because I had the perfect knits for a costume....

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    BoHo Braid

    TUTORIAL TIME!! I have never written a tutorial so bare with me... While I was on my latest adventure, I had a 2 hour train ride from Berlin to Prague SO of course I brought along a bit of yarn and a crochet hook. The weather was beginning to get hotter by the second, so I decided to make a thin headband to continue with my "Knit Travels'. It is a simple and quick project so I decided to share it with you! HERE GOES...  First you need a bit of yarn in two colours, a crochet hook and scissors. (If you don't follow me already I don't generally follow the rules of gauge v.s. needle size, I just pick...

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    Hair v.s. Knitwear

    Everyday I struggle with my hair. It's not straight, it's not wavy and most of the time, it's a mess that I often refer to as a 'birds nest'. My morning hair routine consists of brushing and then creating a loopy bun on top of my head... As a knitwear designer, I am constantly showing customers how to wear hats and style their scarves so that they look their best. I usually demonstrate on myself, though, I am always a bit embarrassed to show people my messy hair. Therefore, this year I decided to embark on a mission, to be a better 'girl' OR a 'Girl in Training' as I like to call it. My first mission, deal with my...

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    Style Faux Pas

     One of the biggest lessons I learned this year was that 'styling', makes a BIG difference. This year was my first year doing a photo shoot and I realized that aside from my own products, I was NOT prepared. Putting together cohesive outfits, being on trend, highlighting certain products, statements pieces... the list goes on! I was NOT confident that everything would come together. However, at the end of the day, the photos came out great! But lesson learned... GET A STYLIST. (I give a high- five all you Stylists out there). During the holiday season I made a point to learn from my mistakes and pay attention to style, more importantly the style of my customers. I wanted to see...

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