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The time has finally come to say farewell to Toronto and hello to Calgary. I think I have bored just about every person around me with my sob story of how I don't want to leave, but my time is up and there's nowhere to look but WEST (Calgary to be exact)

I couldn't bare the thought of putting Harold on to an air plane so Nick and I decided that the best way to make the final move was a 3 day road trip across the trans Canada highway, N+K Adventures here we go! We both are not new to road tripping but it's our first time heading west and with a pet (Harold). If you want to follow along on our adventures you can with #NKAdventures over on instagram.

I am often asked about the name SimpleSmiles and what it means to me. The best way I can explain it is, finding joy in the simple things and living a simple life. It's probably not too hard to imagine but I am a packrat... (aren't all creatives??) but I realize that aside from my tools and work supplies I don't need very much to enjoy each day. I thought I would start sharing ways I have been simplifying my life through this blog and there is no better place to start then with trip (or in my case road trip) essentials.  Travelling can be stressful altogether so in my purse/ carry on I try and keep my must haves to 5 simple things:

1. Water: Essential for any trip near or far. It was easy for this road trip for us to bring a small case of water and I was able to pack away some lemon slices just to be fancy;). For flights, try and bring your own bottle and fill it up when you get past the checkpoints ;) 

2. Sunnies: I was never a sunglasses person when I was younger, I often just squinted and dealt with it but NOW I am a firm believer that once you find the right pair it will change your life! Especially on a road trip or vacation when you just want a few more minutes to yourself and also for those impromptu 'selfie' moments :)

3. Lip Balm: MY ULTIMATE EVERYDAY MUST HAVE!! Obsession it is not, but there is nothing is worse than dry cracked peely lips (yuck) take care of those smackers. I recommend an all natural one or one that doesn't have an over powering smell.

4. Face Wash: On any trip I wear little to no makeup just some moisturizer and lip balm. What's more important to me is a simple face cleanser. I recently discovered a cleanser that removes makeup/ sunscreen and cleanses as well! Ole Henriksen Pure Truth melting Cleanser was recommended to me and I have been pretty satisfied, no breakouts and did a pretty good job when I used it to take makeup off. I like that it is a gel and not a liquid so I don't risk any spillage also as a multi- purpose item it eliminates one extra bottle :)

 5. Hand cream: MOST IMPORTANT! As a knitter I am a hands person, my hands are often dry and I was disappointed to learn that most over the counter lotions have alcohol in them which only dry out your hands further!!!! I have since switch to small batch handmade butters and I highly recommend Leaves of Trees in Toronto ON. They have two options a cream and a lotion, I enjoy the creams more but if you want something lighter the lotions are nice as well! 

Theses are just some easy items that I can carry in my purse and use everywhere! 


What are your trip essentials?? I would love to hear them below in the comments!




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