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    A place to call home

    It's been about three weeks since I stepped in to my new space and I have been slowly opening up to the city. While I do like change, I have to embrace it at my own pace and on my own time.  Now before I continue, I normally share my knitting journey and write about different projects that are going on along with some fun creative side projects that I think of, mostly because I think it is important to 'Know Your Maker' and to see the work/ passion that goes into each project. Starting this blog and sharing my knitting journey has been a great release for me in an area that I never felt strong in (writing). I...

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    Road Trip! N+K Adventures

         The time has finally come to say farewell to Toronto and hello to Calgary. I think I have bored just about every person around me with my sob story of how I don't want to leave, but my time is up and there's nowhere to look but WEST (Calgary to be exact) I couldn't bare the thought of putting Harold on to an air plane so Nick and I decided that the best way to make the final move was a 3 day road trip across the trans Canada highway, N+K Adventures here we go! We both are not new to road tripping but it's our first time heading west and with a pet (Harold). If you want to...

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