#FaceForward , 5 lessons to remind your future self

We all get that feeling when each day runs into the next and it takes effort even to just get up in the morning. A few years ago without even knowing it I started to make small changes in my life, little attainable goals. I knew I wasn't happy and I new that if I didn't make a change my days would only get worse.  Back then I wish I had someone to tell me that failure is a synonym for a lesson learned and how you bounce back from those failures is a measure of your strength. 

 Clinique recently launched a global conversation #FaceForward challenging us to encourage our future selves by asking what advice would you give yourself in 3 years? One of the reoccurring lessons I learned from my past and present situations is to get use to the idea of change, it is never easy, it is always uncomfortable but it is essential to keep evolving and keep discovering new parts of yourself. Below I have listed the 5 things I would like to remind my future self:

1. Never look back... unless it is to see how far you have come:

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If you spend all of your time looking behind you, how can you see what is coming in front of you? Spending hours and days dwelling on what could have been or what happened only distracts you from looking forward at what you can be. You are missing out on the whole point of the adventure. Keep your eye on the prize and enjoy the road ahead.

2. Embrace change:

The isn't the first time and it most definitely won't be the last, so welcome change with an open heart and an open mind. Change is the opportunity to challenge yourself and learn how far you can be pushed. "We can not be what we want to be by remaining what we are" ~ Max DePree

3. Be yourself:

It can't be said enough to be comfortable in your own skin, don't be afraid to be yourself. It is easy to continuously follow the crowd but it will never be satisfying and you will never learn anything new. Create your own path and stop comparing yourself to others, we are all different and that the best part about you :) 

4. Unplug:

Don't forget to unplug... from EVERYTHING. Take care of yourself and give yourself time to breath. Our lives are now on a constant news feed and it is important to step back and discover on your own without a digital road map. 

5. Find your joy:

There are so many life lessons to remind yourself but one thing that can never get said enough is to find your joy. That one thing that make you jump up in the morning, that feeling that makes you say 'I don't care because I'm happy'. It is so easy to let negativity in you your life and sometimes you don't even know it is around you, so It is important to recognize what makes you truly happy and only focus on that. There is no excuse but yourself and when you can find the positive in a negative situation you win.


Thanks Clinique for the inspiration for this post.




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  • michelle

    Love this post. Both the idea behind it and your take on the challenge. I think I’ll follow your lead and set aside some lessons for my future self :)

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