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    I always feel the most recharged on Monday's so this year I want to try something new. Each Monday I want to share one positive/motivational/inspirational message that hopefully will help you through the week. Let's kick the week off with "Mistakes". We all makes mistakes, so why be afraid of them?  I grew up in one of those families where mistakes were a four letter word. Anything less than perfection was not okay and as the mistakes prone daughter I often questioned weather or not I was normal.... Today, I am a die hard supporter of mistakes, it's where I learn and has become a tool to find confidence in my next steps. If I ever feel the negativity that comes with a mistake, I always...

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    #FaceForward , 5 lessons to remind your future self

    We all get that feeling when each day runs into the next and it takes effort even to just get up in the morning. A few years ago without even knowing it I started to make small changes in my life, little attainable goals. I knew I wasn't happy and I new that if I didn't make a change my days would only get worse.  Back then I wish I had someone to tell me that failure is a synonym for a lesson learned and how you bounce back from those failures is a measure of your strength.   Clinique recently launched a global conversation #FaceForward challenging us to encourage our future selves by asking what advice would you give yourself in 3 years? One...

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    Creativity = Bravery

    It has been a busy few weeks preparing the new collection, shooting photos and trying to stay on top of everything; I have had very little time to share the process!! Between being a Photographer, Accountant, Model, Sewer, Knitter, Designer.... my mind is always running and I am constantly questioning weather or not I'm even going in the right direction. The hardest part of my day is trying to find balance between knitting and the small biz stuff. Anyone who has seen me work will often wonder how I get any work done! They're partly right, it's a miracle if I can complete a hand full of tasks in a day!... however I must say: " it's not a burden,...

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