I always feel the most recharged on Monday's so this year I want to try something new. Each Monday I want to share one positive/motivational/inspirational message that hopefully will help you through the week. Let's kick the week off with "Mistakes". We all makes mistakes, so why be afraid of them? 

I grew up in one of those families where mistakes were a four letter word. Anything less than perfection was not okay and as the mistakes prone daughter I often questioned weather or not I was normal.... Today, I am a die hard supporter of mistakes, it's where I learn and has become a tool to find confidence in my next steps. If I ever feel the negativity that comes with a mistake, I always ask myself these 3 questions:

1. Did I learn anything?
2. Will I do this again?
3. Is there a positive I can take away?


Mistakes have become my push to keep going and without them I would not have a list of great stories to tell. My mistakes are not only funny stories they are also some of the highlights of my life! 

Can you think of something positive that came from your last mistake? Tell me below :)

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