Happy Halloween

Halloween, a definite love/ hate relationship I have with this holiday.

I LOVE seeing all the new costumes that kids have now and how creative things have gotten. I always wonder if I will ever see 'Classic Ghost" make a come back...

I HATE being scared. When people tell me that "there is nothing like a good scare!" I can't relate.

I will say, living in Canada does limit you to the types of costumes that you can wear. Unless you are willing to freeze, you need to take into account that Princess Jasmine MIGHT not be the best idea.

This year surprisingly, I have been WAITING to write this post because I had the perfect knits for a costume. If you have been following on Instagram I have been showing off True North pieces everyday. I thought I would change this up a bit and show off two pieces here that would work PERFECTLY for Halloween! ( I also wanted to try putting on Halloween makeup myself :))

Introducing: Polar Mitts and the Maow Toque! Add a long sleeve black top and some killer leggings and your done! Catwoman.

Now I am no makeup expert but I was happy with my results! I just extended my eyeliner at each end of my eye, coloured in the base of my nose, added freckles and whiskers! I also used a bit of pink  DollarStore makeup to soften my lips, you can use your favourite nude pink lipstick but I only own one lipstick and it is bright red. I could do some tweaking but I got my desired effect. Both of these items are part of the True North collection and they do make for a cute ( WARM) costume, even if I do say so myself :)

What are you going as this year? Tag me in your costume photo I would love to see! @SSandCo_

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