My Simple Smile

Home Stretch! It's Christmas day and I finally feel like I am on top of all my projects. During the fall winter season, I have very little time to respond to emails and conversations on Etsy but that doesn't mean that I don't read each and every one of them. I often get bogged down with show set up, inventory , deliveries...ect.  that when I see photos of your knits, or when you show me your well loved knits from many years ago, or when I read your little notes and messages, it motivates me to keep creating, keep knitting and keep making.

I am reminded this holiday season why I started SimpleSmiles so many years ago. There is so much negative in this world, I hope you are reminded this season that it is the Simple things that make us Smile :)

I am so grateful for all of you and THANK YOU for all of your support in 2014.

Happy Holidays Everyone 


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